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Base Camp Everest Trek for Leadership / Personal Development & Corporate Events Celebrations

Our trip aspires a person to dream, to be stronger, to be tougher and smarter than ever before. We focus our trek and tour programs with a theme of leadership development for the students, office staffs, corporations and friends group.

We have designed Everest Base Camp Trek as the major trek / trip in Nepal with a theme Leadership Development. Our trek program is designed to provide various leadership and personal development skills, team building skills and life experiences to lead the society and the world.

This trek can be a ideal for corporate staffs, high school’s students and university ready to graduate students, various organizations and associations of the society.
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Everest Base Camp Trek  is one of the most popular trek in the world. So, we changed our Everest Base Camp Trek for leadership development and celebrations at the base of world’s highest mountain. The whole region is blessed with myth, mystery, courage inspiration for all of us. Mount Everest Trek now is combined with leadership and personal development and team building theme. Leadership development program in Base Camp Everest Trek with trek2himalayas is unique and life changing.

Beside, Everest Base Camp trek, Annapurna Base Camp trek can also be designed for the leadership development for those who wants to experience slightly shorter and less challenging adventure in Nepal.

Likewise, the same trek program is designed to celebrate special events of any corporations, social organizations and associations. 

Friday, December 18, 2015

Annapurna Round Trek - December 2012

Photo Tour of the Annapurna Round Trek - December 2012 

Trekking in the Himalayas in December / January is not easy task. The weather can change instantly and snowing season starts. It can be freezing cold but, if you are prepared mentally to resist the cold, have good equipment and good guide and supporting staffs then it can be done with loads of experiences. 

We, set for the beautiful Annapurna Round Trek on the 09th of December 2012. Annapurna Round is one of the most beautiful Trek in the Himalayas and probably in the world ? The trek used to be as long as 3 weeks earlier. Due to the development and construction of motorable road in the region the trek has now shortened to about 2 weeks. For this we have to drive rough earth road for 8-10 hours indeed. We started our much awaited trek with Bus drive to Besisahar and then to Jagat same day. The drive to Jagat from Besisahar was tough in the earth road with lots of bumps and hair rising cliffs somewhere.

The real walking starts the next day from Jagat. The trail passes numbers of smaller towns, tea shops, bridges, ups, downs, waterfalls etc. The road construction has reached to Chame ( the capital of least populated Manang District ). So, we had to walk on and along the road. As soon as we reach Dharapani, the view of the mighty Himalayas starts on the right side. Manasalu ( 8156 m. ) is beautiful on the back all the way till we reach Chame.

The weather suddenly changed from Chame and we were welcomed by snowfall. The whole day we walked from Chame to Pisang the snowfall continued. We stayed in the Upper Pisang which is beautiful town and then walked via Ghyaru and Ngwal to Manang.

We proposed to reach Manang the day we walk from Pisang but unable ,, tired,,, and enjoyed the scenery the most so stopped in Ngwal.

We had great view of the Annapurna from Ngwal and Manang. The snowfall stopped eventually from the day we rested in Manang and we started another beautiful day from Manang ahead towards Thorong La. It is two days walk 4 hrs each day to Thorong high camp from where long walk to the top and to Muktinath is required. We slept in thorong high camp. The lunch in phedi was horrible indeed and we did not want to remember this again.

One of our member did not feel good and we had to return from Thorong high camp unfortunately. We thought the life is more important that the pass. So, we came back feeling unhappy for the reason that we were on the top and could not cross over... We must make it again ! for the next time !

Itinerary of the Trek

Day 01: Kathmandu - Drive to Beshsahar ( lunch ) and the drive to Jagat ( arrive in the late evening )

Day 02: Trek from Jagat to Dharapani ( takes about 5 hours but the trail was nice and easy )

Day 03: Trek to Chame ( district headquarter of Manang - the least populated administrative district of Nepal )

Day 04: Trek to Upper Pisang

Day 05: Upper Pisang to Ghyaru to Ngwal ( we planned to reach Mananag but could not make it )

Day 06: Trek down to Manang ( easy 3 hours downhill and flat in the Marshyangdi river valley . )

Day 07: Rest and acclimatize day.

Day 08: Trek to Yakkharka and to Churi Letdher

Day 09: Trek to Thorong high camp ( above 4000 m. walk is tough indeed, hard to breathe, but the view of the Himalayan peaks is superb and magnificent !)

Day 10: Trek thorong top ( 5416 m. ) and then trek down to Muktinath.

( We could not do that portion so, we returned back the same way as we went up ..)

Day 11: Muktinath - Jomsom

Day 12: Fly back to Pokhara ( 20 minutes ) or Drive back to Pokhara 24 hrs.

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By Dipak Bastakoti

Here are some beautiful photos from the trip to enjoy and remember ! 

Waterfall in midhill landscape of Nepal ( Near Jagat )

Trekkers in Annapurna Round Trek

Small yet beautiful tea shop 

Beautiful chorten ( mini stupa) in Manang ( Annapurna in the background )

Humde village ( from Ngawal )

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Welcome to Nepal / Himalayas for the Trek adventure

Nepal is the most beautiful playground for adventure.

We are here with the most comprehensive Trek programs in the Himalayas ( Nepal Himalayas section with due priority ).

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Thanks and Have a good time ahead !